Italian-Spanish singer Fabio Cancellara Gomez was born in Bern, Switzerland. He began his musical career in the gospel choir Amazing Grace in Lugano. He attended New Gospel courses in Germany, Switzerland and Chicago, United States after which he continued his musical studies in Milan and Rome.

He has participated in the Festival of Castrocaro, the Academy of Sanremo and many major national and international competitions.

He was a Premio Mia Martini finalist in 2010 with the unreleased track: Cercando L’Immenso.

In 2014 he met Piero Cassano and together they produced an album of Fabio’s original songs. The songs were performed in Milan, Bari and Madrid, with such prestigious collaborations as: Lele Melotti (drummer of Mina, Renato Zero, Vasco Rossi, Claudio Baglioni, Anna Oxa, Mia Martini), Ludovico Vagnone (lead guitarist for Alejandro Sanz), Red Canzian of Pooh.

Song arrangements were made by Nuccio Cappiello, Andrea Maccagno and Fabio Perversi, the single “In Ritorno Da Te” will be released in January 2016.

Audio recordings, voices and choirs are made at the Workshop Sound of Monza with Cristiano Sanvito, Mix e Mastering in Adm studios by Nuccio Cappiello (Chief sound engineer) all overseen and directed by Euroteam record productions music of Milan.

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